Buyers - Whether purchasing your first home or 5th home, your primary residence, investment property or a vacation home you need the guidance and representation of an experienced attorney to protect you throughout the process.   

Sellers - Selling your property can be a stressful situation, especially if you have another property under agreement.  An unexpected title problem can be a deal breaker unless you have an an attorney who is experienced in fixing title problems quickly and cost effectively.  

Lenders: Lenders need to engage a local attorney who can perform their closing for every purchase mortgage transaction in Massachusetts.  We represent all types lenders from the largest national banks to small local banks to individuals lending their own money.

Developers: Developers rely on our representation on issues including purchase and sale agreements, title insurance, lease agreements, construction loans, condo conversion and 1031 exchanges.  

Homeowners: Even if you already own a home you may still need a real estate attorney for a Declaration of Homestead, a Real Estate Trust, a boundary or zoning issue or a  landlord/tenant issue.